For many is a shorter work week – and I’m pretty sure everyone is ready for it. We are keeping up with meals at home this week, and we’re making progress to use all we have in our freezer and our refrigerator items – there will be space for new items soon enough! Here’s whatContinue reading “WEEK 3 MEAL PLAN”


Whether you’re still working at home or heading back to the office or the kids are heading back to in-person classes as winter breaks come to an end – we all need some warm, healthy meals ready for some time around the dinner table – or as we run out the door to practices, smallContinue reading “WEEK 2 MEAL PLAN”

It’s a New Year, I’m Ready

Welcome to 2022! I am happy to be back and shifting focus to making others’ lives easier, provide different perspective and have new conversations as we focus on all that this year can and will be. I don’t believe in resolutions for myself – but I make goals, and I focus on where I wantContinue reading “It’s a New Year, I’m Ready”

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