Top 10 Breakfasts for Busy Mornings

Who skips breakfast or spends hundreds a year on coffeeshop breakfasts because it’s just too hard to make breakfast at home on your way to work or getting the kids out of the house? That was me, until I found a few easy prep ahead meals that took minutes to make grab-and-go breakfasts each day.Continue reading “Top 10 Breakfasts for Busy Mornings”

From One Day to Day 1

How many times do you talk about things that you want or need to do, but somehow find every way to not actually make it happen? I am an expert at putting every single thing in front of what I actually want or need to make happen for my own future and happiness. I knowContinue reading “From One Day to Day 1”

Birthdays…Love Them or Leave Them?

Birthdays are a hot debate in our family, how about yours? Some of us wish we could skip the day altogether and some of us enjoy a celebration for every day of the month we were born. We’re taking a small tangent from the meal planning and food prep (which in my book is partContinue reading “Birthdays…Love Them or Leave Them?”

Top 5 Freezer Items for Meal Planning

Meal planning and food prep rely on having a well-stocked kitchen. Focusing on the freezer items that you should always have on hand, and keep an eye out for in the sales flyers to restock/stock-up for upcoming weeks. Take a look, and comment on any of your favorite must-have freezer items for meal prep below!Continue reading “Top 5 Freezer Items for Meal Planning”

10 Steps to Start Meal Planning & Prep

Step 1:INVENTORY WHAT YOU HAVE ON HAND – PANTRY, FREEZER AND REFRIGERATOR Take note of what items are nearing expiration or starting to be on their last legs before ending up in the garbage; these should be on your menu for the upcoming week. Example: Strawberries that are starting to get soft, you can freezeContinue reading “10 Steps to Start Meal Planning & Prep”

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