My Go-To Meals when I Don’t Want to Cook

You know those days…the ones where you literally can’t deal with life anymore, and no matter how well you planned meals and prepped everything ahead of time to make it easy….it’s just not happening. Well…..I fully support the occasional take-out order or drive-thru run….but, in case that’s not an option either – read on forContinue reading “My Go-To Meals when I Don’t Want to Cook”

HOW TO: Use EVERYTHING but the Bagel Seasoning

Everything Seasoning, Everything but the Bagel seasoning, Everything Bagel seasoning… many names, but it’s all the same. The perfect blend of salt, white sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, dried minced garlic, dried minced onion and poppy seeds. You can buy it in every grocery store now, or make it at home. And, it can goContinue reading “HOW TO: Use EVERYTHING but the Bagel Seasoning”

It’s Been a Minute.

Hello again, I’m back after an unintended quick break. Thanks for coming back and hopefully you can relate, and maybe offer a few suggestions for the next time things get out of control. To be honest, I had a bout of being completely overwhelmed with life. My schedule seems to have suddenly gotten back toContinue reading “It’s Been a Minute.”

Top 10 Items for Outdoor Entertaining

Until I had a backyard and outdoor space to use, I saw all the fun outdoor serveware, dining sets, glasses, decor, etc. and tried to find all the reasons to make the purchase….but I did not. Last year, I moved in the middle of winter (January) and couldn’t wait until Marshall’s, HomeGoods and TJ MaxxContinue reading “Top 10 Items for Outdoor Entertaining”

Don’t Let Your Summer Produce Go To Waste!

Who else out there loves a good Farmers Market shopping spree? I am mesmerized by ALL of the fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, etc. and then I bring home the bags and bags of colorful foods….and wonder how I am going to enjoy it all….before the next week’s haul, or before it all goes bad.Continue reading “Don’t Let Your Summer Produce Go To Waste!”

10 Favorite Summer Smoothies

Summer weather inspires vibrantly colorful meals and an inclination to snack on fresh fruit and vegetables instead of chips and cookies (most of the time!). How do I use all of the produce I buy at the store or farmer’s market, and inevitably can’t finish just by adding it as a side to meals andContinue reading “10 Favorite Summer Smoothies”

Back to Summer Parties

Did anyone else learn that they enjoy being social more than they realized over the last 12-15 months? And, now have a slightly harder time getting back into socializing with more than your “bubble” of people as things are starting to go back to pre-pandemic “normals”? I never thought I relied on having people overContinue reading “Back to Summer Parties”

Family Dynamics and Meal Planning

Do you ever find yourself struggling to keep everyone happy and meet everyone’s dietary needs at the dinner table, especially when you’re trying to please children, partners and parents alike? I plan meals, workouts and “quiet time” each week, because I am a planner and a “to-do list” kind of girl; but also because itContinue reading “Family Dynamics and Meal Planning”

Top Hot Weather Food Prep Ideas

Meal Plans and food prep doesn’t look the same every season – especially the summer months when none of us want to heat up the house more than we have to, stand for hours at the stove or spend time cleaning the kitchen up when everyone is running around the backyard and enjoying the longerContinue reading “Top Hot Weather Food Prep Ideas”

Get Out of Your Head.

79,233. That’s the number of steps I’ve taken since I welcomed in the next year of my life seven days ago. It is true what they say, the first step is the hardest. 33. That’s the distance I’ve covered (in miles). The miles of phone calls with friends, podcasts that entertained me and some quietContinue reading “Get Out of Your Head.”

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