It’s a New Year, I’m Ready

Welcome to 2022! I am happy to be back and shifting focus to making others’ lives easier, provide different perspective and have new conversations as we focus on all that this year can and will be. I don’t believe in resolutions for myself – but I make goals, and I focus on where I wantContinue reading “It’s a New Year, I’m Ready”

Three Ingredient Meals

We’ve covered 5 ingredient meals, 4 ingredient meals, and now we’re down to 3 ingredient meals…Here are a few to add to your rotation! They will help you get a meal on the table without many ingredients or extensive prep time! Kitchen Staples Salt Pepper Garlic Powder Oregano Lemon Pepper Italian Seasoning Olive Oil Non-StickContinue reading “Three Ingredient Meals”

Four Ingredient Meals

Yesterday we tackled 5 Ingredient Meals…today we’re clocking in four ingredients per meal. All serving 4 ppl and generally take about 30-45 minutes to make. Some can be prepped ahead of time and refrigerated or frozen until ready to use. We’ll use the same list of staple kitchen ingredients, listed below: Kitchen Staples Salt PepperContinue reading “Four Ingredient Meals”

5 Ingredient Meals

Schools are getting back in session; sports practices and games are filling in afternoons and evenings; work schedules are getting more hectic as summer winds down and yet, everyone still expects dinner on the table. So – to keep things simple and easy while we all adjust to this new busy, we have a weekContinue reading “5 Ingredient Meals”

Vacation Meal Plans and Food Prep

I just got back from two weeks away from home, staying with my family in New Jersey. We planned to prepare most meals at home, and for us to use what we had in the fridge, freezer and pantry packed up in the car, so that we just had to buy a few fresh itemsContinue reading “Vacation Meal Plans and Food Prep”

College Apartment Food Prep Essentials

The last two days we focused on food prep when living in the dorms. Now we need to tackle the college apartment days – where you have an oven and a freezer to go with your refrigerator – and let’s be honest, your small dorm fridge, well you either sold it to the person movingContinue reading “College Apartment Food Prep Essentials”

Meals in Minutes: Dorm Room Edition

I didn’t have the opportunity to live in the dorms when I was in college, but I spent my time shuttling between home, campus and working as a full-time baby-sitter/nanny for a few amazing families. I ate almost every meal on the go, and at the strangest times, generally prepping ahead or using a microwave/hotContinue reading “Meals in Minutes: Dorm Room Edition”

Dorm Room Food Prep Essentials

This week we’re talking about college life, at least from the food prep perspective. Everything from what to send your college student to their first year of college/dorm life. Whether you’re a parent getting your college crew ready, or a friend/family member looking for a creative gift to give to a college-bound kid in yourContinue reading “Dorm Room Food Prep Essentials”

Farmers Market Finds – June

Farmers Markets are where you can find me every weekend! I love finding new versions of fruits and vegetables to try; all the colors and bright produce for these warmer summer days. I’m always intrigued by what is “in season” at the farmers markets from late April through mid-Fall….and how much better it tastes thanContinue reading “Farmers Market Finds – June”

Food, Friends and Fireworks for the 4th!

I am the person who will always find a reason we should get together, and will always offer to host or bring the food. The psychology of the how and why of my need to host or bring all the food/prep, etc. will likely be part of a future post. But, today, we’re talking allContinue reading “Food, Friends and Fireworks for the 4th!”

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