Inspired by some warmer weather here in the Chicago suburbs – we’ve got some fun choices on the menu this week – looking forward to some new recipes for the rotation! Monday – Asian Chicken Wings from Giada DeLaurentiis – baked, not fried. Easy marinade that we can prep ahead and then toss in theContinue reading “WEEK 8 MEAL PLAN”


Enjoying some new choices and old favorites this week – we’ll see how it goes! Monday – We’ve got so many Valentine treats on tap with everything red, white and pinks! Check out a few of our favorites on Instagram! Tuesday – Salmon and a side of green beans. Simple, so good and easy toContinue reading “WEEK 7 MEAL PLAN”


Mixing it up a bit this week, to keep things fun and interesting around the dinner table – and keeping the fridge stocked with healthy options for when we’re all on the go: Monday – Shrimp Scampi from What’s Gaby Cooking. This might be the simplest meal you will make in 2022. Literally 5 ingredients,Continue reading “WEEK 6 MEAL PLAN”


February is already here – remember when we were celebrating the new year?? Can’t believe this was a month ago: Monday – Chicken Tacos from What’s Gaby Cooking. We are big on make-your-own tacos, nachos, bowls, etc. And this is the perfect base to start with – we used chicken, but you can use turkey,Continue reading “WEEK 5 MEAL PLAN”


For many is a shorter work week – and I’m pretty sure everyone is ready for it. We are keeping up with meals at home this week, and we’re making progress to use all we have in our freezer and our refrigerator items – there will be space for new items soon enough! Here’s whatContinue reading “WEEK 3 MEAL PLAN”


Whether you’re still working at home or heading back to the office or the kids are heading back to in-person classes as winter breaks come to an end – we all need some warm, healthy meals ready for some time around the dinner table – or as we run out the door to practices, smallContinue reading “WEEK 2 MEAL PLAN”

It’s a New Year, I’m Ready

Welcome to 2022! I am happy to be back and shifting focus to making others’ lives easier, provide different perspective and have new conversations as we focus on all that this year can and will be. I don’t believe in resolutions for myself – but I make goals, and I focus on where I wantContinue reading “It’s a New Year, I’m Ready”

Three Ingredient Meals

We’ve covered 5 ingredient meals, 4 ingredient meals, and now we’re down to 3 ingredient meals…Here are a few to add to your rotation! They will help you get a meal on the table without many ingredients or extensive prep time! Kitchen Staples Salt Pepper Garlic Powder Oregano Lemon Pepper Italian Seasoning Olive Oil Non-StickContinue reading “Three Ingredient Meals”

Four Ingredient Meals

Yesterday we tackled 5 Ingredient Meals…today we’re clocking in four ingredients per meal. All serving 4 ppl and generally take about 30-45 minutes to make. Some can be prepped ahead of time and refrigerated or frozen until ready to use. We’ll use the same list of staple kitchen ingredients, listed below: Kitchen Staples Salt PepperContinue reading “Four Ingredient Meals”

5 Ingredient Meals

Schools are getting back in session; sports practices and games are filling in afternoons and evenings; work schedules are getting more hectic as summer winds down and yet, everyone still expects dinner on the table. So – to keep things simple and easy while we all adjust to this new busy, we have a weekContinue reading “5 Ingredient Meals”

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