College Apartment Food Prep Essentials

The last two days we focused on food prep when living in the dorms. Now we need to tackle the college apartment days – where you have an oven and a freezer to go with your refrigerator – and let’s be honest, your small dorm fridge, well you either sold it to the person moving in after you, or it’s quickly become the “beverage fridge” in the living room!

This time, we’re going to focus on growing the Dorm Room Food Prep Essentials list(if you missed it, click on the link to read about those!) for the college apartment days.

  • Set of Pots and Pans
    It’s worth getting a set that can carry through to the last years of college and a few more apartments. I got my first set of Cuisinart pots and pans when I was 22 and over 15 years later, I still love them – definitely recommend getting a stainless steel set that is multi-functional, and long lasting!
  • Set of Plates and Bowls
    Go to Marshall’s and have fun! Get at least 8 of everything – they will be used! Plus, plates and bowls break so often, not worth spending too much extra. There’s also places like Target that have options that are plastic and also dishwasher safe. As a friendly reminder – always make sure whatever you choose can go in the dishwasher, whether there is one in the apartment or not – some day there will be one and you’ll want to use it!
  • Serveware
    Maybe a larger plate and a larger bowl to get started – these also make great gifts to request on the holiday wish list! Just in case some parents or family stop by for a quick bite to eat!
  • Kitchen-in-a-Box
    Totally worth the $25-50 for a starter kit for the kitchen – then add on with other items as needed (again great to add to the holiday wish list). This set has the essentials and will arrive on your doorstep.
  • Set of Mixing Bowls
    Use them for mixing, serving and everything in between – these are a must-have for any college apartment! Someone brings a bag of chips? Put them in a bowl. Making a birthday cake? Mix in the large bowl. You get the idea! This set is durable and nested so easy to store in smaller spaces too!
  • Glass Food Storage Containers
    Food storage will always be needed – and the glass containers won’t get stained or smell strange after you cook something in the microwave, and you can always put the glass containers in the oven, and straight onto a plate – less dishes that way! I recommend this set as a starter set – I have had two of them for over 10 years, and they just last.
  • Bakeware
    Who doesn’t love a good box cake or cupcakes, or even a serving of baked frozen fries/appetizers? You can’t go wrong with a couple of sheet pans, a couple of casserole dishes and a muffin tin. This set is inexpensive and a great place to start. Whether using a box of mix or making something from scratch with 15 ingredients, you’ll use them ALL the time.
  • Casserole Dishes
    Best way to a quick dinner that reheats really well is a good casserole or dump dinner (more on that tomorrow!). This set of casserole dishes works great, can be tossed in the dishwasher and even go in the freezer if there are leftovers/someone preps for you ahead of time. They can also be oven to table or just used for serving whatever you’re preparing.

As we all know, the list is endless of the things that are “essential” in the kitchen, but this will get every college apartment renter started – and make great gifts when heading back to school, or over the holidays as well. Tomorrow, I’ll share some recipes that can be made in an oven/on the stove, etc. again expanding on our Dorm Room meals options!

You know how to find me if you’d like more suggestions or details of what works best for those just starting out, and happy to work with anyone/everyone to feel confident in the kitchen, no matter what the circumstance!


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