Birthdays…Love Them or Leave Them?

Birthdays are a hot debate in our family, how about yours? Some of us wish we could skip the day altogether and some of us enjoy a celebration for every day of the month we were born.

We’re taking a small tangent from the meal planning and food prep (which in my book is part of self-care), to talk birthdays. May seem like a random detour, but it’s more a reflection as I am building a life and process to help people, which changes the course of life as I’ve known it in years past, and meal planning is just one part of how we all can live more full and calm lives. Before I take some time with family and friends, I thought I’d talk about it, and learn more about how all of you think of/celebrate your birthdays every year…here it goes!

I am on the side of quiet self-care and maybe my favorite dinner, though I don’t like to bring attention to it or myself. And, I admit that sometimes I set myself up for failure to celebrate me…whether I spent the day focused on all that hadn’t gone well or changed in the previous 12 months, who forgot or choses not to reach out to wish me a good day, or worked at my desk to prepare for a huge meeting, or allowed others to put parameters on how we would spend my day.

This year, I am making sure things will be different, and hopefully be the start of celebrating life, and all that has happened to get me to this place. I am not at the job that destroyed me anymore; I’m building the life that I’ve wanted for so long, but was too scared to think I deserved it. I am not chasing something that seemed to good to be true, I’m creating what is best for me; and holding those I love and care about as close as possible, even if from a distance.

I also decided, after such a difficult season of life from the end of 2020 until I left the place that caused me so much pain, that I don’t want to build everything up and into a single day that I deserve to do what I want, be with who I want and have what I want. That is what we all should have every day, and have the support to achieve a life that is full of moments, not just a 24 hours and then it’s as if the day never happened.

So, how will you choose to celebrate your birthday this year? What will you do to change the narrative that has weighed you down before? What would you tell others if you’re one who celebrates life without reservations?

As I start this next trip around the sun, I see big changes coming up, in the form of small shifts for myself, and I can’t wait to take all of you with me as we figure it all out, one step at a time. Back to meal plans and food prep tomorrow, and talking about workouts/nutrition soon, but for now, it’s time to get ready for sushi and maybe some cake!


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